• Update - January 24, 2013

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 1/26/2013

    Dear friends,  it is with the heaviest of hearts that I share with you the news of the passing of my dear brother Bruce.


    Bruce fought the most courageous battle against cholangiocarcinoma over the past 3.5 years, after being originally told that he would only have 4-6 months.  He was a beacon for many fighting this terrible disease.  Bruce's cancer was diagnosed after a routine physical in 2009. He did not shy away from the battle and used the setback to help raise a half-million dollars for the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund to finance liver cancer research. This fund will be used to teach and train surgeons to work with bile duct cancer.


    Bruce went peacefully January 17th, 2013, not in pain and at home. Bruce was a brilliant meteor blazing across the sky - flashing with beautiful and amazing light, but gone too soon. Our hearts are heavy with grief...but filled also with gratitude that he is home and safe.


    Bruce's Obituary:


    Bruce Edward

    Beloved husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend, died peacefully on Thursday, January 17th, 2013, at age 56, after a valiant and courageous battle against cholangiocarcinoma.  Bruce will be remembered as a generous and caring friend, sage advisor, and courageous soul.  Bruce is survived by the love of his life, his wife of 32 years, Andrea; devoted daughters Sara and Mackenzie; loving parents, Jane and Ed Haney; brother Brian Haney (Charlie Buscemi); sisters Janet Haney and Patti (Dale) DiSanto; Mother-In-Law, Bettie Gillot; Sister-in-Laws: Bonnie (Paul) Killian, Tina (Frank) Gill, Donna Gillot, Beverly Gillot,  Maria (Scott) Werner; Brother-in-Laws: Dominic (Angela) Gillot, Tom Gillot, Jim (Melanie) Gillot; 24 nieces and nephews; Cousins and many dear friends.


    For the past 10 years, Bruce served as Managing Partner for ECHO Realty's development function.  Prior to working for ECHO, Bruce served as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of iGate Capital Corporation,  Chief Financial Officer of FORE Systems, and President and Co-Founder of the Gustine Company, a commercial real estate development firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to founding the Gustine Company, Bruce worked for Arthur Andersen, LLP.  Bruce earned his master's degree in taxation from DePaul University, a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and was a Certified Public Accountant.


    Bruce believed in giving back and cared deeply for his wide circle of friends, family, and community. He gave extensively of his time, talent and resources to help others.  The Bruce E. Haney Charitable Fund was developed through Bruce's generosity and concern for others and was formed to contribute to the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund.  Thinking ahead, and thinking of others, Bruce led this effort to raise money to support research and awareness for cholangiocarcinoma and to help pave the way towards a cure. 


    Bruce was blessed to have had the wonderful caring hands and compassion of Dr. Wallis Marsh who became Bruce's friend and advocate.  Through Dr. Marsh's skillful hands, Bruce gained three additional years of life.  Our family is deeply grateful for all that Dr. Marsh has done for Bruce, along with the compassionate care of his oncologist, Dr. Stanley Marks, and proactive diagnosis and friendship of his dear friend, Dr. Jim Gleason.


    Bruce was an avid golfer, athlete and sports fan. One of Bruce's passions was watching his daughters play field hockey at the Ellis School and Rhodes College.  Bruce was a WPIAL championship golfer in high school and Orchid Island Country Club (Vero Beach) golf champion for three years.  As passionate as Bruce was about competition and sports, he was doubly passionate about his relationships.  He will be missed by the many who love him deeply.


    Visitation will be at the JOHN F. SLATER FUNERAL HOME, 412-881-4100, 4201 Brownsville Road, Brentwood 15227, Saturday from 6 - 8PM and Sunday 1 - 4PM and 6 - 8PM.  Funeral service will be on Monday morning at 11:30AM at St. Mary of the Assumption Church, Hampton Township.  Interment will be in St. Mary of the Assumption Cemetery.


    In lieu of flowers, donations may be made t  The Bruce Haney Charitable Fund (C/0 ECHO REAL ESTATE SERVICES COMPANY, 701 ALPHA DRIVE, PITTSBURGH PA 15238, Attn: Natalie Colla)

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  • Update - August 22, 2012

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 8/22/2012
    The 2012 (Second and Final) Bruce Haney Charitable Golf Outing was a success and more...
    A HUGE, HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all volunteers, participants, attendees and sponsors for a truly incredible and amazing day!  The Golf Outing was a huge success and thankfully the weather held out for everyone.  We are grateful for all of the many volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the golf outing and who provided an enjoyable experience for all who attended.
    We are also pleased to provide an update regarding the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund:  With the completion of the second and final Bruce Haney Charitable Golf Outing, the endowed chair at the University of Pittsburgh is now fully funded!  (More information on the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund.)
    Bruce continues to fight the good fight and although he recently received news that there was a small lesion (less than 1 cm.) on his liver, he courageously and pragmatically addresses the issues as they arise.  The current plan is to oblate this small lesion (targeted radiation) and continue on with the plan of chemotherapy and good nutrition.  Today Bruce has undergone a PET scan and we hope to provide you with additional news shortly.  We are cautiously optimistic as his blood work over the past few months has shown that his CA199 tumor marker is within low normal range.  We are hoping that the PET scan will also reflect the same apparent lack of "activity."
    Stay tuned and keep sending your good thoughts and prayers - they are much appreciated!!! 
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  • Update - July 28, 2012 (Email from John Tobin)

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 7/28/2012

    Since our last update in mid-May, Bruce has been working with Dr. Marks to schedule chemo therapy treatments to address the two small lesions on Bruce’s spine, as well as for general therapeutic purposes.  The treatments were scheduled for three-week cycles (e.g. Monday, Monday, Monday off; Monday, Monday, Monday off; scan), but low blood platelet levels on certain treatment days resulted in cancellation of the scheduled treatment for that week.  Consequently, because Bruce has not received the full complement of chemo treatments over the last sixty days, he has not experienced the normal adverse side effects of the chemo therapy, and has generally felt better than he would otherwise during the prolonged chemo schedule.  Some unexpected but very welcome news:  blood work consistently indicates the tumor markers to be reducing, which is fantastic.  Although no one has been able to fully explain the biologic reasons for the tumor marker reduction (since chemo treatments have been sporadic), we are all grateful for the results.  Undoubtedly, Bruce’s diet and most importantly, your prayers have played an important role in this daily battle. 

    In the meantime, Bruce and his family are putting the finishing touches on the final Raizman-Haney Fund Golf Tournament to be held at Longue Vue on Friday, August 10th.  It is going to be a splendid event; morning and afternoon golf, great lunch and fantastic cocktails and dining in the evening will make for a memorable day.  We appreciate and thank all of you who have signed up to play golf and/or to attend the evening program.  We have room for about thirty (30) more golfers in the morning golf shotgun, so if you can play and haven’t registered, please do so.  If your schedule prohibits you from playing golf, but you can make the evening program, please register on our website (https://www.brucehaney.org).   If you can’t make the event, take a moment to review the many raffle and silent auction items on the website; you can participate in the raffle and silent auction remotely.  Your generous contributions are critically important, and we will be forever grateful for your support.

    Thank you for your continued prayers; we hope to see you on August 10th! 




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  • Update - July 10, 2012

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 7/10/2012 8:00:00 PM
    Good evening everyone! 

    I'm writing to fill you in on the latest with Bruce.  Recent news is a bit mixed.  The tough news received last week was that Bruce's platlets were low and he was unable to receive chemo last Thursday as expected.  Bruce's next doctor's appointment on July 23rd will determine if he is able to start back up with chemo treatments.

    The great news is that Bruce's tumor marker (CA199) continues in the low normal range and actually dropped from his last bloodwork!  Bruce appears to be feeling pretty well and continues to live his life to the fullest and on his own terms:  working, golfing, and vacations with his family. Of course, and as promised, Bruce also continues to follow his strict, anti-cancer diet regimen...more details to follow in a few weeks.

    God bless you all!
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  • Update - June 27, 2012

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 6/27/2012
    Good morning folks!  This is going to be a very short, but happy, update.  Bruce continues to fight the good fight and had some great news this week.  His bloodwork shows that his ALT's and AST's are back in normal range, as well as his CA-199 (tumor marker) which is at 19 (well within normal range.)  I like to think that Bruce is just wearing this adversary down! 
    Additional excellent news to share is that Bruce is being honored tonight at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh for the renaming of the Raizman Fund to the Raizman-Haney Fund.  This renaming has come about due to Bruce's (and all of his supporters!) efforts to raise money for liver cancer research and fund the chair at UPMC through the Raizman Fund. The Bruce Haney Charitable Foundation Golf Outing, last August (2011), was able to raise close to five times the target towards this initiative.  This year's golf outing (the second and final to fund this initiative) is scheduled for this August.  Please join us in a round of golf or help others by contributing to this worthy cause. Click here for more information on how to help or to register for the tournament. Go Bruce!!!
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  • Update - May 29, 2012

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 5/29/2012
    Quick update:  Today Bruce had chemotherapy and met with his oncologist, Dr. Marks.  Dr. Marks is recommending that Bruce receive radiation for the two tumors on his spine, as it is his belief that this is what is causing Bruce's chest and arm pain.  With that recommendation, Bruce will be meeting with the radiologist tomorrow with the anticipation that Bruce will receive five treatments sequentially, pending radiologist agreement.  The regimen of chemo will continue as planned.  And the roller coaster ride continues!  Bruce is continuing the good fight....thank the Lord that he is tenacious and strong!  
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  • Update - May 23, 2012 (Email from John Tobin)

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 5/23/2012

    To Bruce’s Family, Friends and Colleagues: 
    It has been several months since our last update; we hope this finds you in good health and ready to enjoy the summer. 

    Since our last report to you, and except for a few minor adjustments for the holidays, Bruce maintained his chemotherapy regimen through December and January. The periodic blood work and scans during that period showed good results.  By January, the lungs and spine were clear and the 2 tumors remaining in his liver were very small.   In February, Bruce was removed from the chemo treatments in order to prepare for a PET scan at the end of that month.  The PET scan at the end of February indicated that Bruce was tumor-free, and he was feeling great, had high energy levels and looked forward to spending most of March in Florida at Orchid Island.  Dr. Marks recommended a continued break (60 to 90 days) from the chemo therapy treatments, and feeling better than he had in a long while, Bruce headed to Orchid.  March was arguably the best  health month Bruce has experienced since he was diagnosed in November, 2009.  His work schedule and “to-do” lists returned to normal hectic levels, family and friends enjoyed the Haney’s hospitality and, after a long overdue intervention instigated by Jim Berquist and Frank Sam, Bruce started using a belly putter and began a stretch of 60 days where he played the best golf of his life.   The high energy, good health, intense work and great golf continued after returning to Pittsburgh through April and early May, and Bruce and the Haney Foundation Golf Tournament committee began planning for the August 10th final tournament in earnest.  Blood tests confirmed that cancer cells remained in Bruce’s system, but the relevant indicators from the blood work indicated that everything was under control, and Bruce’s medical team recommended a continued hiatus from chemotherapy treatments.   

    As you can imagine, Bruce was cautiously optimistic, but didn’t forget about his experiences after a similar break from chemo treatments at the same time last year.  Last summer was tough.   Last Sunday night, Bruce experienced severe chest pains and thinking there might be cardiac involvement, Andrea took Bruce to Passavant Hospital.  Thankfully, the ER team confirmed there had been no heart damage/attack (although there is some fluid surrounding his heart), but ordered a scan for Tuesday.  The scan seemed to identify new lesions near the old tumor in Bruce’s neck; after consultation with his medical team, a bone scan was scheduled for Thursday, May 17.  We await the results of the scan to determine the next course of treatment. 

    So the roller coaster ride continues; your continued prayers and support are critically important to this battle; Bruce relies on each and every one of you, and is forever grateful to you.   

    Mark your calendars for Friday, August 10, 2012 for the second, and final, Raizman-Haney Foundation Golf Tournament; it will be a special event.  Invitations are in the mail; we hope to see you there. 

    We will provide frequent updates as we learn more definitive facts; until then, keep the prayers and good thoughts coming. 



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  • Update - April 12, 2012

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 4/12/2012
    Hi again folks!  Just writing with some "new news" on Bruce.  Here we are into our third year and Bruce is doing pretty well and "hanging in there."  As you might remember, last August (2011), his cholangio came back with a vengeance...really surprised us.  It was back in his liver and had spread to his spine and lungs.
    Dr. Marks put Bruce immediately back on the Gemzar/Cisplatin that had been so successful in the previous year.  Bruce also continued with the following supplements:
    • PectaSol-C (Citrus Pectin) 5 grams 2X daily
    • AveUltra (Modified Wheat Germ - also known as AveMar)  9 grams 1X daily
    • NK-Stim6  (610 mg Arabinogalactan Heartwood/400 mg Olive Leaf Extract)  2X daily
    • Super Bio-Curcumin (400 mg Curcuma longa - turmeric)  1X daily
    • Mega Silymarin (900 mg Milk Thistle)  1X daily
    • CoQ10 (100 mg)  1X daily
    • Vitamin D3  (1000 IU)  1X daily
    By January of this year, the lungs and spine were clear and the 2 tumors remaining in his liver were very small.  They took him off of the chemo for February so that he could have a PET scan at the end of February.  The PET scan confirmed the great news and they decided to allow Bruce to remain off of the chemo for March.  OF NOTE:  Dr. Marks is now thinking that Bruce's supplements &/or diet are making some difference for two reasons.  1.) They did not expect Bruce to "still be here" and call him a "walking miracle" and 2.) He has absolutely NO neuropathy over any of the periods that he has been on the chemo, and this (I surmise) is unheard of.
    Bruce had some "not so good" news last week when they did another CAT scan and thought they saw something on his kidney and one of the two tumors on his liver has grown again in size.  Bruce had an ultrasound yesterday and it was determined that the "thing" on his kidney is nothing but a cyst  :-)  and Dr. Marsh is going to ablate the two liver tumors tomorrow.  Bruce is ecstatic.  So on we go with this battle!
    I call this battle a lot like the carnival game, "Whack-A-Mole"....once you pound it down, it pops up somewhere else...but you have to keep pounding to get all those critters down in their holes.  ;-)
    Hang in there folks!  I am hearing a lot of great news lately about breakthrough discoveries....Keep on fighting the good fight!!!   I am going to post this link elsewhere on this site, but here is a recent article about a "universal cancer vaccine" (developed in Israel) that is in clinical trial NOW:  http://soc.li/0MDgO0O 
    With love and blessings...

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  • Update - November 20, 2011

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 11/20/2011
    November, 2011, We have continued to receive great news on the CA199 marker with the latest results placing this marker at 10.6!!! Bruce had another CAT scan on November 15th, with the great news that we were expecting: the tumors are continuing to shrink significantly (20-30% from the last scan). Dr. Marks is very pleased with how Bruce is doing. Bruce continues to religiously hold to the diet that we began over 2 years ago, and which we truly believe has made the world of difference in how Bruce has been able to combat cancer. Please continue to keep Bruce in your prayers...we are all praying that we can treat this disease as a chronic one, rather than a fatal one. Faith, Hope and Love abide!
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  • Update - August, 2011

    Posted by Patti DiSanto on 8/31/2011
    August, 2011, Bruce's Golf Outing took place with outstanding results (over $263,000 raised for the Raisman-Haney Fund for liver cancer research!) Bruce's CA199 marker test results were showing the news that we had hoped for: the number was dropping from a high of 78 in July, to 58, to 38, and to 26 by the end of August (within normal range) Note that the "normal range" for this marker is between 0 - 33, with the lower number, the better. Bruce had a CAT scan at the end of August/beginning of September which showed that the tumors/nodules were shrinking substantially (40-80% reduction!).
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  • On May 31, 2010, at 10:19 PM, "DISANTO, KEVIN" wrote:


    Senior Speech 


    It was an October day this past fall (2009), when my mom told me the news. Although there was a lot of noise in the house, I still remember how silent it felt, as I stood there in disbelief, and from the tears on her face, how scared my mother was.  It was my mother's brother, Uncle Bruce, my Godfather and a person I have always idolized; he had cancer. My mom went on to tell me that the kind of cancer that Uncle Bruce has was a particularly insidious form of cancer - BILE DUCT CANCER, officially called cholangiocarcinoma (CO-LAN-GEE-OH-CAR-SIN-OH–MA). Role models are hard to come by and Uncle Bruce is my role model; a great guy and athlete. On that day in October, I had to face the fact that a person that I have idolized my entire life is having the battle of his life. One thing I know for certain, if there is someone who can beat this I know it will be my uncle. 


    What can I tell you about Bruce?  How about the fact that Bruce was class president & a leader in high school, that he played three sports and was a WPIAL championship golfer? How about the fact that Uncle Bruce is really, really smart, especially in math and he went to an ivy-league school, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, graduating with a degree in finance? 


    Some of the other things that I could tell you about my Uncle Bruce are that he is extremely successful in business, and became successful at an early age, and that Uncle Bruce married his high school sweetheart and had two daughters, and gazillions of friends. Bruce is a hard worker, an honest man, and extremely ethical, encouraging me to always do the right thing. I think that I have always felt a special connection with my Uncle Bruce, as we were both the “third borns” in our families, and we always connected over sports.


    To be honest, what I think that I would rather tell you about is the true heart of Uncle Bruce - that he is a very kind and generous man who gives tirelessly to his family and friends, giving of his time, talent, and resources.   Bruce is loved by many, and it has never been more evident than now, as he fights this fight with amazing support.  And one last quality of my Uncle Bruce's character is simply this:  he is a fighter.  All of his life, in spite of his successes and talents, Uncle Bruce had to fight through the fact that he had asthma.  Then, when he was in high school, playing sports, there was a moment where they thought that Bruce had leukemia or Hodgkin’s disease.  It turned out that he was ok, back then, but it was his fighter spirit that kept him going.  It is this same fighting spirit that we all believe will help Uncle Bruce fight the cancer that he has now. 


    To be honest, it is hard for me to talk about a disease that is holding my uncle's life hostage. The original tumor was large, and was found accidentally. Uncle Bruce had gone in for a routine physical, and due to some minor bloodwork inconsistencies, Bruce's doctor sent him for a CAT scan.  They found a 5.8 by 4.8 centimeter tumor on his liver, wrapped around the vena cava, the main artery going into the heart, making this tumor inoperable.  Bile Duct Cancer is rare and considered lethal, and it was frightening for all of us to realize how little hope we should have all really felt.  But that is not the nature of our family, especially Uncle Bruce.  Uncle Bruce began chemo immediately, in order to knock this disease out as quickly as possible.


    When my uncle found out that he had Bile Duct Cancer, everyone jumped on board to work to heal him.  My mom bought books on cancer and sent the books to many family members.  These books dealt with using nutrition and attitude to fight the disease.  My Uncle Brian - who is my mom and Bruce's younger brother (an MIT grad) - began research on this type of cancer and began writing a "health plan" for Bruce.  My Aunt Andrea, Bruce's wife, and her family made up T-Shirts that say "I believe...In Bruce" and wrist bands that say, "Bruce Strong."  Prayers are being said, literally around the world.  Candles have been lit for Bruce in West Minster Abbey in London, in the Vatican, and at the Wailing Wall in Israel.  My mom and my Uncle Brian, along with my Grandma and Grandpa and many of my Aunt Andrea's family, took turns throughout 2010 spending days or weeks at Bruce's house in Pittsburgh, cooking for him, using the recipes that contain cancer-fighting ingredients.


    During the six months following Bruce's diagnosis of cancer, we continued to receive great news.  Between the prayers, the nutrition and the chemo, my Uncle Bruce's tumor was shrinking.  The scan in April 2010 revealed that the tumor had shrunk to 1/3 the original size of the tumor, and Bruce's cancer "marker" in his blood had gone done from 134 to 4.2. Originally, all experts agreed that the tumor was inoperable, including the number 1 Bile Duct Cancer surgeon in the country.  It became increasingly clear though that Bruce was at risk of not surviving the chemo treatments and that surgery was truly his only hope…and that was an option that was out of reach.  After much research, Uncle Bruce was able to find only one doctor who stood alone and agreed to try to cut out as much of the tumor as possible, Dr. Marsh in Pittsburgh... Even though Dr. Marsh told Bruce that he couldn't get it all, Bruce knew that this was his only hope for surviving beyond this year.


    Last Friday (May 21, 2010), a miracle of heroic proportions happened:  Dr. Marsh operated on Uncle Bruce, 10 hours of grueling & intricate surgery, and was able to cut out (by spending at least 8 of the 10 hours gently scraping the tumor away from the veins) 100% of the tumor!  My Uncle is cancer-free for the first time since this ordeal began 7 months ago.


    My family and I are so very grateful for all of the miracles that have occurred since last October, beginning with the early and intuitive diagnosis by Dr. Gleason that gave Bruce that fighting chance (usually Bile Duct Cancer is found way too late, making the battle even more difficult)...thru Dr. Marks's chemo prescription that brought Bruce to a better "place" for surgery by shrinking the tumor to 1/3 of its original size...to Dr. Marsh, who held my uncle's life in his skillful & blessed hands, and gave it back.


    As my mother likes to say:  "In one corner we have the evil opponent "cancer" - in the other corner we have "love, prayers, support, nutrition, great attitude & commitment, faith, excellent doctors, the right chemo, and an enormous dose of hope" - Cancer doesn't stand a chance against this army!!!!"
    What I have learned from this is priceless, and the reason that I am sharing this with you today:  Make sure that your “army” (faith, family, and friends, along with hope and commitment) is strong, and you will be prepared to fight against all odds.