• Mission: Supporting pioneering discoveries in medical research is our mandate.

    Vision: It is the hope of the family, friends and supporters of the Bruce E. Haney Charitable Fund that the philanthropic support the fund  provides will enable existing and new generations of physicians and scientists to work toward a common goal of defeating cancer, assist with research on leading surgical techniques and providing compassionate care.

    Emphasis:  Created in April, 2011, the primary emphasis of the Bruce E. Haney Charitable Fund (presently under fiduciary oversight and management of the Pittsburgh Foundation, and referred to as the “Haney Foundation”) is to support efforts and endeavors to cure cancer of the liver (including cholangiocarcinoma) and to enable state-of-the art and leading techniques in surgical procedures, and especially those that pertain to cancer and in particular, cancer of the liver.

    Initial Efforts:  The initial efforts of the Haney Foundation will be dedicated to provide financial resources to support the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund at the University  of Pittsburgh. This initial funding shall provide philanthropic support to enhance efforts that are currently underway to fund the Raizman-Haney Chair at the University of Pittsburgh’s Starzl Transplantation Institute. Once the Raizman-Haney Chair is fully funded (at a $2million level), support from the Haney Foundation can be used and directed more broadly to support medical research.  More particularly, Haney Foundation funding will  support  research  efforts pertaining to cancer of the liver, and will  assist with the development of medical / surgical techniques pertaining to cancer that can improve patient care and outcomes, whether  at the University of Pittsburgh, or at other non-profit organizations.

    Distinctive and novel in our approach: The Bruce E. Haney Charitable Fund supports pioneering discoveries and encourages rational medical / surgical risk taking, in order to cure cancer and to provide people with hope and longevity.