• Bruce Haney was diagnosed in October of 2009 with cholangiocarcinoma, a very rare, deadly form of cancer. Since that time, with the support and love of his family and many friends, and with the best in medical care, Bruce continues to fight against all odds and prevail. The Bruce E. Haney Charitable Fund (and BruceHaney.org website) were developed through Bruce's generosity and concern for others. Thinking ahead, and thinking of others, Bruce is leading this effort to raise money to support research and awareness for cholangiocarcinoma and to help pave the way towards a cure.

    The Bruce E. Haney Charitable Fund
    (Bruce Haney Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation) was formed to contribute to the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund.  The contributions made in support of the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund will help ensure that our dedicated physician-scientists at the Liver Cancer Center at the Starzl Transplantation Institute, in Pittsburgh, PA, have the necessary resources they need to explore questions that ultimately lead to new clinical advances that will improve outcomes for patients.