Update - May 23, 2012 (Email from John Tobin)

Posted by Patti DiSanto on 5/23/2012

To Bruce’s Family, Friends and Colleagues: 
It has been several months since our last update; we hope this finds you in good health and ready to enjoy the summer. 

Since our last report to you, and except for a few minor adjustments for the holidays, Bruce maintained his chemotherapy regimen through December and January. The periodic blood work and scans during that period showed good results.  By January, the lungs and spine were clear and the 2 tumors remaining in his liver were very small.   In February, Bruce was removed from the chemo treatments in order to prepare for a PET scan at the end of that month.  The PET scan at the end of February indicated that Bruce was tumor-free, and he was feeling great, had high energy levels and looked forward to spending most of March in Florida at Orchid Island.  Dr. Marks recommended a continued break (60 to 90 days) from the chemo therapy treatments, and feeling better than he had in a long while, Bruce headed to Orchid.  March was arguably the best  health month Bruce has experienced since he was diagnosed in November, 2009.  His work schedule and “to-do” lists returned to normal hectic levels, family and friends enjoyed the Haney’s hospitality and, after a long overdue intervention instigated by Jim Berquist and Frank Sam, Bruce started using a belly putter and began a stretch of 60 days where he played the best golf of his life.   The high energy, good health, intense work and great golf continued after returning to Pittsburgh through April and early May, and Bruce and the Haney Foundation Golf Tournament committee began planning for the August 10th final tournament in earnest.  Blood tests confirmed that cancer cells remained in Bruce’s system, but the relevant indicators from the blood work indicated that everything was under control, and Bruce’s medical team recommended a continued hiatus from chemotherapy treatments.   

As you can imagine, Bruce was cautiously optimistic, but didn’t forget about his experiences after a similar break from chemo treatments at the same time last year.  Last summer was tough.   Last Sunday night, Bruce experienced severe chest pains and thinking there might be cardiac involvement, Andrea took Bruce to Passavant Hospital.  Thankfully, the ER team confirmed there had been no heart damage/attack (although there is some fluid surrounding his heart), but ordered a scan for Tuesday.  The scan seemed to identify new lesions near the old tumor in Bruce’s neck; after consultation with his medical team, a bone scan was scheduled for Thursday, May 17.  We await the results of the scan to determine the next course of treatment. 

So the roller coaster ride continues; your continued prayers and support are critically important to this battle; Bruce relies on each and every one of you, and is forever grateful to you.   

Mark your calendars for Friday, August 10, 2012 for the second, and final, Raizman-Haney Foundation Golf Tournament; it will be a special event.  Invitations are in the mail; we hope to see you there. 

We will provide frequent updates as we learn more definitive facts; until then, keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.