• About the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund

    The Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund was established in 2010 (originally established as the Raizman Endowed Fund) to support the critical work being done in liver disease and liver cancer research at the Liver Cancer Center at the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute.*
    The ultimate goal of this Fund is to create an endowed chair within our academic partner, the University of Pittsburgh. Once fully funded**, this chair will be awarded to a distinguished professor whose vision and leadership will break new ground in research. However, before this can happen we must generate enough financial support to complete the endowment.
    Endowed chairs are elite faculty positions associated with the best colleges and universities around the world.  An endowed chair represents academic excellence, leadership and profound responsibility. It offers an opportunity for the chairholder to establish and sustain a vision for the future.
    The contributions made in support of the Raizman-Haney Endowed Fund will help ensure that our dedicated physician-scientists at the Liver Cancer Center at the Starzl Transplantation Institute have the necessary resources they need to explore questions that ultimately lead to new clinical advances that will improve outcomes for patients.
    *  NOTE:  Originally, this fund was named the Raizman Endowed Fund, and was established by Mrs. Dorothy Raizman in memory of her husband who had fought a courageous battle with liver cancer.  The fund was renamed by Mrs. Raizman last year upon the successful completion of the 2011 Bruce Haney Charitable Golf Outing, which raised more than $260,000 in contributions to the Raizman Endowed Fund.  
    ** NOTE:  With the successful completion of the 2012 (and final) Bruce Haney Charitable Golf Outing, this chair is now fully funded.