• Golf Outing Volunteers

    We would like to thank the following people for dedicating their time and talents towards the success of this worthy cause.
Volunteer Name Committee
Gretchen Altman
Amber Ameredes
Becky Berquist
Paul Colla
Tracie Counihan
Kelli DiSanto
Patti Disanto
Natalie Donaldson
Tina Gill Volunteer Coordinator
Adam Gill
Frankie Gill
Deb Gill
Bettie Gillot
Angela Gillot
Tom Gillot
Beverly Gillot
Jim Gillot
Dominic Gillot
Andrea Haney Golf Outing Co-Chair
Jane Haney
Andrea Haney
Sara Haney
Joan & Amanda Hoover
Bonnie Killian
Courtney Killian
Barb Liberatore
Angelo Liberatore
Nancy Mahoney
Randy Meyer
Kelsey and O'Brien
Mariann Rivera
Jamie Sakmar
Linda Sam
John Tobin Golf Outing Co-Chair
Laura Wenger
Stephanie Werner Silent Auction Chair
Maria Werner
Scottie Werner
Scott Werner